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 What is Probate?

The legal process of administering a will. Also, the judicially supervised process for marshaling a decedent’s assets, paying proper debts, and distributing the remaining assets to the persons or entities entitled to them.


How I can help you

As a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist (CPRES) the focus is solely on a pathway of resolve for my Client; the process can be overwhelming and arduous. Therefore, the commitment is to relieve much of the burden off a family towards a pathway to closure.

I assist Attorneys, Executors, Administrators, Conservators and Trustees in accomplishing their duties in settling a Probate. As such, I understand the process to mediate & resolve an estate through a Probate liquidation.  

I have an array of local referral resources that can assist you with everything from a lock-smith, landscapers, inspectors, handymen or contractors. Should you need other professional services such as an Attorney, CPA, Insurance or a company specializing in Estate Sales and Clean-Outs, I have those preferred referrals too. All of this done to ensure the greatest marketability of your home and relieve some of the burden in a difficult situation.


Contact me for a printout of an Estate Executor’s duties during the Probate process.


Video: The 8 biggest mistakes in Probate Real Estate and how to avoid them: